This interchangeable portable SSD gives all your gadgets an upgrade of 2 Terabytes of high-speed storage

Running out of hard-drive storage is such a 2012 problem to have. Smartphones now come with cloud storage subscriptions that let you dump all your data on a cloud drive, although they do turn out to be expensive in the long run because you’re paying monthly… and guess what happens when you don’t have access to the internet or you forget your cloud account password – your files just sit on a server that you can’t access.

While it isn’t entirely unreasonable to have a smartphone with 2 terabytes of storage (the iPad Pro does), the reason a portable SSD is such a godsend is because it means having the same 2 terabytes of storage that can be used with ALL your devices. Designed to be extremely portable (they’re just about the size of your thumb) and equipped with unsettlingly fast read and write speeds, portable SSDs like the Rapid SSD are slowly killing cloud subscriptions because they’re A. always accessible anywhere, B. can’t be hacked because they aren’t on the cloud, and C. cheaper than cloud drives, because an SSD is just a one-time purchase, not a monthly subscription.

Quite like the SSDs we’ve spoken about here before, the Rapid SSD puts up to 2 terabytes worth of storage right in your pocket. It’s about the size and shape of a pack of chewing gum, but takes care of virtually all your storage needs. It also has 3 different ports that let you connect to virtually every device you own, from your smartphone to laptop, and from your tablet to your DSLR… and even your gaming console! The Rapid SSD sports a USB-A on the front, which pops open to reveal a USB-C behind it, as well as a fold-out lightning connector on the reverse end, so it’s perfect for both Android phones and iPhones, allowing you to store all your camera-roll images without worrying about shelling out money to Google or Apple.

The Rapid SSD is named after its ability to rapidly transfer files. With read/write speeds of 550 MB/s, you could potentially transfer your entire phone’s camera roll in just about the same time it took you to read this sentence. Moreover, the drive lets you rapidly transfer data between devices, alternating between your iPhone and Windows laptop, or your iPad and your DSLR. The Rapid SSD is compatible with the iOS File Manager and it even supports Windows To Go, which means you can create and run Windows right out of the SSD by just plugging it into a monitor or projector and hooking up a keyboard and mouse. All this magic sits right inside the Rapid SSD’s durable, portable, universal design, and the second-best part is that you don’t need to access the internet to retrieve your files or worry about your files getting breached or hacked (because they’re on a local offline drive). The best part, however, is the fact that the Rapid SSD costs a mere $210 for the 2TB variant (and $89 for the 512GB variant), making it much more cost-effective in the long run!

Designer: Alex Chan

Click Here to Buy Now: $209 $389 (46% off). Hurry, only 24/110 left!

Rapid SSD – Interchangeable High-Speed Portable SSD

The Rapid is a compact SSD with a 2TB maximum storage, built-in USB-A, USB-C & Lightning and 550MB/s Read & Write Speed.

Certified for iOS File Manager and WTG, Rapid can also backup mobile devices or act as a bootable drive for MacBook.

High Speed

Rapid SSD is a solid-state hard drive with up to 550 MB/s transfer speed, which is 4X faster than your typical external hard disk. It takes 37 seconds to transfer a 20GB video to your Rapid SSD, which is 20x faster than your typical SD card.

Due to its high read and write speeds, you can edit all your creative files, play games, and watch 4K movies directly from Rapid SSD. It has a top upload and download speed of 550 MB/s.

Storage Up to 2 TB

Rapid has a capacity of 2TB, enough to back up your entire computer, movie collection, and more!

Lightweight & Portable


The connector on Rapid can connect to Apple Lightning, USB-C, and USB-A without attachment. It can also access File Manager of iOS and Windows to Go, allowing you to boot Windows on a Mac computer.

Click Here to Buy Now: $209 $389 (46% off). Hurry, only 24/110 left!