Montblanc Ferrari Stilema SP3 fountain pen inspired by Daytona SP3 adapts to the writing style

When two giants of their respective industry join forces, the end result is bound to be unique. The latest Montblanc and Ferrari partnership proves it with the Montblanc Ferrari Stilema SP3 fountain Pen.

The writing instrument is inspired by the curvy 2021 Ferrari Daytona SP3, and it does reflect in the final design as well. Flavio Manzoni, Chief Design Officer, Ferrari himself delved deep into the creation of this limited-edition fountain pen. He passionately expresses that the creation was a “fascinating design challenge to translate the proportions and fluidity of the Daytona SP3, ideally contoured for dynamic performance.”

Designer: Montblanc and Ferrari

Those sexy sweeping lines of the Prancing Horse are instantly recognizable in the Ferrari Stilema SP3 contrasted by the semi-transparent blade-like section. This portion slices into the barrel of the pen that’s more like the sports car’s front section. The blade mentioned here slides back to one side to show the inner filling mechanism of the pen. Here the innards are made out of white gold.

As unique as the look is, the writing mechanics are also like none other. The pen’s nib is crafted out of malleable solid white gold to adapt to the user’s writing style or even sketching. Montblanc has used light titanium for the body frame, and the red blade alone took several months to research. The barrel has a monolithic solidity with a contoured section, balanced out with the flat surface for times when not in use.

The end result is a stunning illuminated material that reflects the same panache one would associate with a Ferrari power horse. In fact, Mazaoni says that the pen “supports the rapid movements of the hand as it writes, allowing thoughts to flow unimpeded.”

The function of this pen is also not neglected by any stretch of the imagination. It has an extremely ergonomic balance for writing pleasure. All this luxury will come at a steep price of $27,500. Keep in mind, only 599 limited pieces will be available worldwide through a special arrangement.