With a shipping container-like body, LOKI Discovery Series is expedition vehicle that touches all pain points

If venturing out in the untrodden trails is something that gets your adrenaline gushing, you would be on the hunt for a viable off-roader to take you to the foot of such trails. This is where LOKI Discovery Series intends to drive in as a whole new experience to traditional RVs.

It is designed to let you explore unseen places in the most remote locations with total freedom of not having to bank on a campground. This ideal off-roading mobile home blends the feel of being part of nature while relishing the cozy comforts of your home.

Designer: LOKI Expedition

Most adventure campers claim that you’d say; yes, but there is a distinctiveness LOKI’s new creation boasts about. Reviving LOKI’s long love for shipping container architecture, the Discovery Series is a shipping container-shaped structure you can also choose to haul on the truck chassis of choice.

The LOKI Discovery Series arrives in two options; a truck customized with all the accessories, or as the company puts it “a fully furnished habitat installed on a pre-owned vehicle.”

An extravagant solution for self-sufficient and sustainable travel, the Discovery Series is tailored essentially for avid outdoor thrill seekers. For this, it comes integrated with 1,520 watts of solar panels with a 2000Ah Lithium power bank. There is a 1,000-watt inverter and charger onboard this mobile home capable of comfortably accommodating six adults on an off-roading adventure.

Made in the USA from scratch, the Discovery Series is ready for any kind of weather with four-season insulation. The toughened glass window panels make the home suitable for high altitudes and extreme weather. Featuring a retractable canopy and an exterior kitchen, the Discovery Series comes with a 360-degree camera system, utility LEDs on the rear and sides, access stair and ladder combo, and a cargo bay to account for a few amenities on the outside.

The interior is packed with abundance of facilities including light wood furnishings, roof hatch, mudroom for drying equipment, dimmable LED lights and ample storage. One section of the off-roader houses a queen bed, while the other has a U-shaped leather banquette that can double up as bed. The kitchenette in the middle is furnished with quartz counters, induction cooktop, microwave fridge/freezer, and UV water purifier.

On demand water pump takes care of the water needs from the 140-gallon fresh water tank. There is also a 60-gallon grey water tank onboard and the bathroom is fitted with a cassette toilet. For nomadic workaholics, the mobile home is provided with Wi-Fi and an infotainment system takes care of the entertainment of other members.