The PlayStation 5 gets a stunning ‘Matte Black’ makeover with Dbrand’s Sony PS5 plates

Quite like the Darth Vader to the StormTrooper, Dbrand’s matte black PS5 skins give the gaming console a beautiful, stealthy, almost menacing appeal.

Unlike most of Dbrand’s skins which come in the form of vinyl sheets that can be contoured over a phone, tablet, or laptop, the PS5 ‘skins’ from Dbrand are physically injection molded out of plastic. In order to apply them to your Sony PlayStation 5, you’ll need to physically remove the original white plates and install Dbrand’s custom plates… and while Sony’s legal team seems to be pretty annoyed at the fact, Dbrand assures it’s absolutely legal. Sort of like replacing the tires on your car.

What’s really incredible about Dbrand’s PS5 skin is the level of detail that’s gone into it. If you’ve closely inspected the PS5’s original white plastic plate, you’ll notice that the rough texture on it is in fact a microtexture comprising a cluster of Sony’s button symbols (in what might be one of the most remarkable Easter Eggs ever). Dbrand takes on a similar approach too, using their own microtexture of ‘apocalypse-inspired’ symbols that include robot heads, skull and cross-bones, and radioactive signs. Combined with the matte black plastic used for the plates, the microtexture really stands out (as you can see in the image below), creating a contrast that’s incredible to look at, and arguably great to touch too!

The Dbrand Darkplates (as they’re called) are available for pre-order and ship in May, although I’m pretty sure MKBHD already has a pair and is probably working on the finishing touches of his review video!

Designer: Dbrand