Jony Ive, designer of the iPhone and iPod, just designed a ‘clown nose’ for a British charity

There’s no Aluminium in this one, though…

We haven’t heard much from Jony ever since his departure from Apple. Sure, he founded LoveFrom with his colleague Marc Newson, but their projects seem fewer and farther between. The legendary designer, however, has surfaced to reveal the ‘Most Perfect Nose in History’, designed for British charity, Comic Relief. The nose in question is the popular red sphere, synonymous with clowns. While most clown noses used to be made from either plastic or foam, Jony Ive’s brought his signature approach to design by recreating the nose with a more universally fitting, foldable design. The new Red Nose looks exactly like the kind of thing Jony would design. It’s sleek, eye-catching, and just borders ever so slightly on being overdesigned to the level where we all wonder why… The new Red Nose will be made available on Comic Relief’s website as a fundraising effort for their work to help tackle social issues such as homelessness, mental health problems, and food poverty. Last year’s Comic Relief raised over $52 million.

Designer: Jonathan Ive for Comic Relief

The redesigned Red Nose (yes, I’m kinda laughing as I say it) uses a honeycombed paper construction, with plastic arcs on the side and a hinge detail that lets you open and close the nose. When closed, it’s about as small as a hearing aid, but open it out and it fits onto practically any nose, or so Comic Relief and Jony Ive claim. Each nose also comes with its own Airpods-like case, because you can’t wear the nose 24×7, right?!

There’s definitely a little tongue-in-cheek humor with the announcement of the new Red Nose. They call it the ‘Most Perfect Nose in History’, mimicking the kind of hyperbole you’d otherwise get from Apple, and the renders/images make it feel like an Apple product too. The new nose is available for £2.50 (about $3) on Amazon UK and the Comic Relief website, although it’s sold out as of the time of writing this article.

You’d think this was the new HomePod, but it isn’t.