Travel case with built-in baby stroller helps young parents carry their luggage and child together

Here’s an idea that blew my mind. Why hasn’t a travel-case/baby-stroller hybrid existed yet?? It seems like just the kind of thing a parent would buy and use for a good 5-10 years of their life, so it’s surprising something like this was never made or launched. A winner of this year’s Red Dot Design Concept Award, Easy Journey is a travel case with an integrated stroller that pops right out of the front. Its clever hard-shell case design holds luggage but also has a fully equipped stroller with a hood and leg rest, big enough to fit a child up to the age of 18 to 24 months.

Designers: Chen Shilong, Fu Qiming, Ma Jinjin

Easy Journey is for traveling parents with young toddlers who need to be pushed around in a stroller. Instead of having the stroller exist as an independent product, designers at Taizhou University decided to build one right into a hard-shell travel case. The case comes with enough space on the inside to store your luggage (although the stroller does eat into some of it), and has 3 pairs of 360° wheels. When used as a travel case, it stands vertically, resting on 4 wheels on the bottom. However, when you want to use it in stroller mode, Easy Journey flips onto its back, with an extra pair of wheels popping out of the hardshell case’s interiors. The front (now the top) of the case opens up to reveal a rather comfortable baby seat, taking under a minute to use and set up. Easy Journey is perfect for parents with young kids, although one can make the case that the product has a relatively short lifespan once the kid outgrows the stroller. However, for parents looking to have more than one child, the stroller-case makes for a pretty nifty investment, allowing parents to travel with ease, carrying their luggage and children together in one organized, easy-to-maneuver unit!

The Easy Journey is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2022.