Nike’s salmon sushi-inspired sneakers come with in-built chopsticks for when the hunger-pangs strike

Have you ever felt the urge to eat your shoes while looking at them? Well, that’s probably not a normal reaction, more like you want to stare at a pair or your shoe collection for a long time or there may be times that you’d want to hug a pair to yourself or put it in your bed with you (hopefully, it’s still an unused pair). But if you have a food-inspired pair of sneakers and that food is your favorite, you might get the urge to go to the nearest place that serves your cravings, in this case, sushi.

Designer: Damian Sim (Bespoke IND)

Menulog, a food delivery service in Australia and New Zealand, asked Melbourne-based shoe customizer Bespoke IND to create limited-edition sneakers inspired by Katy Perry’s sushi dress in her campaign with the former. What you get is the handcrafted Sushi Sneakers, designed on top of the classic Nike Air Force 1, which Katy occasionally wears. What you get is a pair of sneakers reminiscent of a salmon maki roll to make you hungry for sushi.

The design is entirely created from scratch, except for the midsole which is from the Nike sneakers. You get a leather that looks like seaweed and even has a texture that is seaweed-y. In the center, you have laser-engraved marbled salmon and a “shari” sushi rice panel. You also have built-in chopsticks that are secured by fishtail loops and you even get an “emergency pouch” to put your soy sauce since you “need” it for your sushi.

There are only three limited-edition Sushi Sneakers available and you can get them by playing the Menulog Run game. This is a special lens on TikTok which was created to help people wait for their food order and not get so impatient. And if you win one of the three coveted pairs, you also get free sushi for an entire year. At least you can just order the sushi whenever you feel the urge to eat your sneakers.