Choose Your Atmospheric Fate

So perhaps you’d like blue today. Or perhaps you’d like magenta? Or perhaps you’d like to go for broke and say choose… pure white light? My goodness you have all of these choices, all of them, with this lamp I am about to show you called the “Color Therapy Lamp.” A color LED selection of “millions of colors” right from your mobile phone. Not so novice!

The white lights that are in this bad boy are Philips Luxeon Rebels so you know they are so bright your eyes will burn out. The color is controlled by 36 RGB LEDs from Avago Technologies.

Also the lamp has 50,000 hours of life so don’t worry about changing the bulbs. This would be called, if I may use our modern most popular nomenclature – a “green” lamp.

Designer: Peter Kuhar

Color Therapy Lamp by Peter Kuhar