Bowlus Heritage is lightest full-size travel trailer packed with premium options for comfortable remote life

While every fathomable industry recorded a slump in business during the pandemic, there was a remarkable upward shift in the camping industry. The acquired appreciation of family outings and remote working in controlled environments germinated a new breed of RV travelers.

Bowlus, with the intention to give this (not so spendthrift) travel community an option to own one of its models, has introduced Heritage – the ultimate ultralight travel traveler – available for the most accessible price point from the company.

Designer: Bowlus

Lightweight and low-cost travel trailers cut corners to meet their towing standards and economics. Heritage edition sways from the league to provide Bowlus’ assortment of premium options despite its starting price of $159,000.  It presents itself in a sheen, aerodynamic design and extremely lightweighted form factor to be towed by any car: SUV or EV of choice.

Bowlus Heritage edition owes its design essence to the company’s original 1934 luxury travel trailer, idealized by the founder himself. Scaled to a weight of 3,500 lbs that makes it the most lightweight full-size travel trailer ever, the Heritage edition, is a feasible option for eco-friendly camping.

It touts an aluminum body with a satin-silver exterior finish: customers also have a choice of either a matte-back or satin-gray finish. The interiors – ceiling and walls – are aluminum as well. The living cum dining room has convertible seating, which transforms into a twin bed on demand. The bedroom with en suite bathroom is outfitted with a king-size bed.

The eye-pleasing kitchen is compact but is laid out with all the high-end appliances and amenities you’d require for cooking on the go. For when you want to laze a while in the outdoor, awnings have been provided and Starlink internet ensures you face no hiccups in your remote work. Bowlus has installed an additional battery system with capacity to allow the Heritage to venture off-grid for ten odd days.