These AI-generated personal gear designs takes your fashion accessories game to the next level

Artificial intelligence has been a hot-button topic right now in the creative industry. Whichever side of the “debate” you may fall on, we have to admit that the democratization of things like graphic design, product concepts, and digital creativity has certainly made things a bit more interesting, albeit controversial. A collection of AI-generated product design concepts by a designer from South Africa has brought gaming into the mix, resulting in a pretty interesting visual narrative.

Designer: Grant Franck

The collection of various products, generated through AI, incorporates futuristic shapes and design that reminds you of computer games into things like sneakers, helmets, backpacks, music players, and of course, game controllers. The designer said he wanted to remove the idea of these items being shaped by “idols” and narcissism, probably referring to a lot of the popular brands particularly with sneakers being designed after personalities and costing an arm and a leg.

What we get in the collection is an array of colorful product designs that would look right at home in either a fashion show or a sci-fi movie. He played around with chrome, purple, green, and transparent colors, creating definite conversation starters in case they become actual products. I have some concerns with the practicality and durability, particularly with the sneakers and backpacks since the design makes it look like they can be fragile.

When it comes to these accessories, if you’re looking for functionality, this may not work for you as they’re more for aesthetic, at least with the product renders. But if you need something that will call attention to you and your shoes or your bag. The integration of gaming items into fashion will appeal to actual gamers, during those times when they can get themselves out of the house and away from their consoles.