This highly detailed minimal chair is the re-released version of a 1960’s Norwegian design classic

Furniture design is always undergoing innovation and development, and as fascinating as it is to experience the latest creations, sometimes it’s equally or even more enjoyable to take a trip down memory lane. Classic furniture designs are classics for a reason, they’ve withstood the test of time, cementing their value and functionality as pieces that will never truly go out of style. One such design is the Hunter Chair by Torbjørn Afdal. Designed in 1960, the Hunter Chair is Afdal’s version of the “hunting chair”, a kind of seating that was quite popular during those times. And Eikund has brought the Hunter Chair to life once again!

Designer: Eikund

The Norwegian furniture brand decided to recreate and relaunch the Hunter Chair, an excellent specimen of classic Norwegian furniture. The Hunter Chair is considered a modern-day classic. Built from solid wood and saddle leather, the Hunter Chair basically comprises of a sturdy leather seat pulled and held tightly by buckles. The chair features solid cast brass buckles, organically tanned leather, precise edge stitching details, and perfectly smooth transitions of wood.

Afdal’s Hunter Chair is quite minimal, featuring a rather raw and organic form, with a fluid and free-flowing quality to it. Eikund retained the essence of the Hunter Chair and the characteristic that make it so unique and beloved. The brand only minimally updated the chair, by using the latest innovative materials and processes available today, which served to enhance and add on to the chair’s durability, elegance, and timelessness. Eikund’s aim was to remain true to the original Hunter Chair and to only make changes that are necessary and essential.

Eikund says that ‘Simplexity’ is the perfect word to describe the Hunter Chair’s composition. This is quite evidently seen in the combination of the double-layered leather, matching edge stitching, and brass buckles. The chair is available in a variety of hardwoods such as – light-soaped oak, dark oiled walnut, and black lacquered oak. The leather saddle is available in different colors as well, including – natural, black, and cognac colors. The Hunter Chair is the perfect culmination of defined details, fine craftsmanship, minimal aesthetics, and a sturdy dependable form!