Top 10 furniture trends of 2023

It’s 2023, and after a two-year hiatus wherein we only paid attention to the pandemic and the gloom it brought with it, we can finally focus on our homes and how to do them up in the best way possible. I believe what truly makes or breaks a home is the furniture that is placed in it! Well-curated and well-designed furniture pieces can add volumes of character and personality to a home, they help weave the story you want to tell about your living space. Hence picking furniture pieces that bring out the best in our homes, while authentically representing our personality is a must. And, we’ve put together furniture designs that we believe are going to become MAJOR trends in 2023. These furniture trends are fun, sophisticated, and functional. From a major focus on comfortable furniture to furniture that transforms – these trends in furniture are going to take over in 2023.

1. Wooden Furniture

Neutral tones and palettes are expected to take over in 2023, bringing an increased appearance of wooden furniture in homes. Wood has always been a fan favorite amongst designers as a material of choice for furniture. And no wonder! I mean, it radiates a sense of warmth and zen that is truly unparalleled. A well-crafted piece of wooden furniture can add a magical touch to even the simplest and subtlest of living spaces! Minimal, sturdy, and always soothing, beautifully designed wooden furniture helps a space radiate an aura of calmness. Now this conceptual office chair by Chairbox Design is a great wooden furniture design…with a deadly twist! It perfectly captures all the dreaded and deadly emotions employees feel throughout their workday. It’s a fun piece to add to your home office.

2. Sustainable Furniture

I think we’re all coming to terms with the fact that in 2023, sustainability is going to be a necessity. Simply greenwashing designs won’t do, we genuinely need products that truly incorporate sustainability into our everyday lives and our homes. And we will witness designers utilize resourceful materials, upcycle and reuse furniture designs, reduce the use of plastic and other harmful materials in the manufacturing of furniture, and substitute them with materials that are eco-friendly. Designed by the New Raw, the Ermis Chair beautifully combines human ingenuity and robotic accuracy to transform plastic waste into robotic-aided 3D-printed furniture. It features an extremely unique form, and stunning natural color gradient, killing the myth that sustainable furniture is rather boring-looking.

3. Exploration of New Materials

When it comes to furniture design there are certain materials that are every designer’s favorite – such as wood, leather, metal, and more. However, 2023 is going to be the year that newer and unpopular materials are going to be explored. We are going to see a rise in designs created from linoleum, mycelium, cork, and more! For example, this collection of furniture designs is called ‘Linoleum’, and quite aptly too, since it has been created from linoleum. This collection was designed in an attempt to reinvent and revamp the material and provide it with a new and fresh identity. Linoleum is usually used as flooring in schools, kitchens, and hospitals, however, these pieces have given it a complete rebranding!

4. 3D printed furniture

Innovative, quick, efficient, and economical, 3D printing is a technique that has slowly but surely cemented its place in the world of design. The technique is being adopted in all sectors of design, however, we do see it substantially rising in furniture design and manufacturing in 2023. It makes furniture making sustainable, flexible, and less time-consuming.  Johannes Steinbauer Office designed these 3D-printed seats without the help of any kind of springs, foam, and fabrics! The chair utilizes rigid prints, rather than the usual racks that are used for building chairs. Besides being super easy to assemble, it’s also quite easy to disassemble. Not to mention, you can also dispose of and recycle the different parts once you’re done using the seats!

5. Biophilic Design

Biophilic design has gained a lot of popularity nowadays, and we predict it will get even more popular in 2023. We’ve seen biophilic design getting incorporated into architecture, however, in 2023, it will slowly find its way into furniture. Biophilic design involves the integration of natural elements with design, for example, this minimal and branching seating design has been inspired by the boroughs of trees. If you inspect closer, you’ll notice that the innovative form of the furniture artfully mimics the boughs of a tree, creating a rather geometrically intriguing form that instantly grabs attention. It was designed by Alexander Lotersztain for Derlot and is called the Twig seating system.

6. Flat-packed furniture

With our apartments getting more cramped by the day, and space constraints becoming a major issue, flat-packed furniture designs that are easy to set up, and even easier to disassemble when their lifespan ends, are going to come to our rescue in 2023. Flat-packed designs are portable, easy to put together and occupy minimum space. They’re a great sustainable option to integrate into our homes!  Designed by Carlos Platz, this wooden shelf is a flat-packed piece of furniture that is sustainable all the way through – from its creation to its transportation and even to its assembly. It is formed from a single piece of material, without the use of screws, glues, or even pieces of plastic.

7. Foldable Furniture

Foldable furniture designs are an excellent space-saving option, especially if you’re looking to make your home seem more spacious and free-flowing. We’ve been seeing a whole bunch of foldable furniture designs take over the Internet, not only are they going viral for their immense functionality, but also for their dashing good looks. This IKEA-worthy fold-away workshop is a super cool foldable design you can add to your home office! Designed by Zurich-based designer Charles O. Job for the Dutch design brand Vij5, the Flip desk is a super compact and fold-away design that promises to take up zero floor space. You simply flip it open to unveil a nifty storage organizer, as well as a compact worktop supported by a specially designed wooden hinge.

8. Seating with Comfort in Mind

Comfortable furniture will be of supreme importance in 2023. There will be more focus on seating designs that are super comfy to sink into and relax in after a long day at work. More than looks, comfort and functionality will be given more priority, and we can already see that in the Burger Sofa by Joao Teixeira. The Burger Sofa is made up of four large cushions that are connected via a single strap-like structure. The strap that keeps the four cushions together isn’t a simple single piece of material, though. Curved pieces of wood embrace the two cushions that make up the armrests, which gives it stability and protection.

9. Transforming Furniture

Finding a spacious apartment in our urban cities is quite unheard of, and if you’re lucky enough to have one, then this section probably isn’t for you. Transforming furniture will trend immensely in 2023, probably because it’s quite an ingenious solution to the space constraint woe most of us face today. Designed by Lorenzo Spanu, the Nebula chair tries to offer more ergonomic support for the body by using cylindrical pillows rather than rectangular ones with flatter surfaces. It has various modes that you can switch between – traditional seat, front support, and comfort.

10. Minimal Furniture

Minimal furniture is truly one of my favorite genres of furniture! A subtle and simple piece of furniture can truly complete a room. It can be the final piece that makes a space come full circle, building a comfortable and cohesive haven, rather than a random area. Furniture pieces make or break a home, they add to the essence or soul of a home, hence one needs to be extremely picky while choosing a furniture design. Designed by John Pawson for the Spanish furniture brand Viccarbe, the Foro Table is a beautiful oak table inspired by Roman forums, in an effort to help people interact and connect over food and meaningful conversations. It’s a stunning example of how resourceful and sublime minimal furniture can be.