Designed for tiny homes, this modular coffee table expands, seating up to 6 people!

What is the first thought that comes to your head every time an object breaks, gets chipped, falls, or gets damaged every day – damn, I’ll have to get a new one. Call it a rant, but we have lost the culture of repairing things. In a world dominated by disposable designs and designs that serve only one purpose, the Mubic Table brings a breath of fresh air into our modern lines. The Right to Repair has made us realize that we are way too dependent on the handful of companies running the show. While this is a furniture design, the transformative nature of the design highlights the first rule of designing – focusing on the customer’s interests.

Clean lines and rotating legs – these are the fundamentals on which the Mubic table performs its magic – transforming from a coffee table to a 2, 4, and even 6 people dining table without disassembling it. Transforming your furniture should not be like putting together a complicated puzzle box; rather, it should involve an intuitive process that just makes sense. The table legs have been joined with a custom-designed part, which Katalin says was the most challenging aspect in designing the table. This part allows the legs to rotate in different directions while retaining the stability of the design. “Before designing this product, I did deep research about modular tables. There are a lot of them which can be transformed from one position to another, most of them by adding or removing pieces of the table. But I didn’t find anything like Mubic, which has 4 different positions, and you can transform it without any adding or disassembling. I also went to design fairs and events to ask the opinion of the visitors about this type of product for a clear and precise vision.” The table requires two people to grow from a coffee table to a dining table, with each user pulling the table leg in the opposite direction of each other. It sounds complicated, but the video showcases how intuitive the movement is!

Minimal design with a pop of neon, the Mubic table address all the modern home requirements. It is a low-cost, easy to transport solution made of “A quality” spruce wood with super resistant hinges. The legs are painted in an electrostatic field to keep the paint in the best condition for a long time. There are many reasons why we find this table to be simple in its approach. Still, in a capitalist era where companies are designed to make people buy more, Mubic is a solution that helps its user’s in every way possible.

Designer: Katalin Brigitta Csíki of Studio11