These 3D printed chairs bring an element of flexible, sustainable options to your living room

3D printing is bringing about a lot of innovations in various industries and that includes furniture design and manufacturing. While there are still a lot of things that need to be improved before we can actually go into mass or commercial production, we’re seeing a lot of new things not just in terms of design but also sustainability, flexibility, and even new features. It’s an exciting time to be experimenting with this technology and designers in particular are having fun with their creations and the production itself.

Designer: Johannes Steinbauer Office For Design

This new manufacturing technique from Oeschler brings about pretty interesting things to these 3D printed seats designed by Johannes Steinbauer Office For Design. Because of additive manufacturing, you can actually remove things like fabrics, springs, and foam and still get an actual chair that should be functional and still feel comfortable. To be able to get a stable piece of furniture, it uses rigid prints instead of the usual racks from chairs.

The design is simple enough with four legs, a round seat, and a single bar at the back. But if you want to add other components like more racks or even textiles, these can also be added through 3D printing. The different parts are easy to assemble and disassemble and once it reaches end of life, you can dispose of the different parts separately and recycle them accordingly. The fact that it is both sustainable and also easy to assemble adds to the appeal.

While it doesn’t look to be the most comfortable of chairs, at least from the photo perspective, there are a lot of things that can later on be improved and experimented on in terms of design and functionality. 3D printing for furniture is an interesting innovation for the industry and it’s exciting to see what designers and manufacturers will come up with in the next few years.