Repurposed Cardboard in Posh Chair Shapes

It’s time for some awesome application of repurposed cardboard, folks, here in a set of furniture by the name of Re-Ply. This project works with what designer Dan Goldstein assures is rather unique in both form and method, using broken-down boxes that would otherwise be tossed in a garbage heap, here using them for undeniably strong – and trendy, too.

Best of all, this project is primed for KickStarter, launched now and ready for your support! You’ve got boxes cut and laminated by you, a steel base, and two bolts – and that’s it! The bolts hold the fold in the chair and allow the whole machination to move. Felt is included as well in some cases – and the whole construction can be left with the cardboard exposed or custom printed with designs and logos galore!

The metal base is either powdercoated or zing-plated and the overall dimensions are 30” L x 23” D x 25.5” H – you can reach the KickStarter at Re-PLY Chair and note that it’s already past its funding goal – go get em!

Designer: Dan Goldstein