Customizable spilt keyboard with a mousepad, joystick, and 3D navigator onboard declutters your desk beyond expectation

Keyboard is a form of self-expression for most of us. We prefer our choice of acoustics, touch, and form factor when selecting a keyboard. Whether you like to settle for a spilt option or a traditional design; you cannot but help make hand movements back and forth from the keyboard to your mouse.

For a negligent creator, gamer, or a writer (like me); the time wasted in the to and fro is negligible, but otherwise, if you sit down to contemplate, you’ll want to settle for a keyboard that lets you do everything on it without you having to move the hands away. This is where the Naya Create keyboard makes a heroic entry with its all-in-one modular split design.

Designer: Naya

Naya has designed Create as the ultimate keyboard that won’t leave you wanting an additional peripheral. This convenience is offered in abundance on the Create, which is highly customizable to meet an individual’s self-expression. The split keyboard with customizable form factor and various configurable modules onboard can seamlessly fit into any workflow. Thus, it intends to become a go-to option for casual keyboard enthusiasts and serious creative professionals.

The Naya Create bids adieu to a cluttered desk by eliminating the requirement of and the need to switch between multiple peripherals. To bring everything to your fingertips on the mainframe itself, the modular keyboard features four modules: the dial, mousepad, a joystick-esque trackball, and a 3D navigator.

The dial is an intuitive and more tactile way to adjust settings or access (customizable) keyboard shortcuts, the mousepad onboard saves the time and effort to stretch beyond the keyboard space. The integrated joystick is a comfortable and precise way to control the computer, and when you’re working in 3D, the creator in you can leverage the convenience of 9 degrees of freedom with the 3D navigator.

The split design of the Naya Create aligns better with the wrist and hand position for ease of typing, made more convenient by hot-swappable. So, you can customize the keyboard layout to your preference and even opt for sculpted keycaps if that’s a better fit for your requirement. To make the full-fledged keyboard more portable, the two halves of the split design can magnetically stack on each other for easy transportation. You can carry it in a backpack or a handbag without worrying about the two sections getting separated or misplaced.