Campfire Audio’s Moon Rover In-Ear Monitors deliver surreal audio to match the striking cosmic look

Choosing IEMs over TWS earbuds is a no brainer if you appreciate the good things in life. Campfire Audio has stood out amongst the sea of IEMs that promise reference-like sound signature. The premium audio company has won the trust of professional music creators with successful products like the Fathom and Andromeda. Now they have yet another IEM to reinstate their top position.

This striking in-ear monitor called Moon Rover is a limited edition creation that levels up the audio performance and design to become the prized collection of audiophiles. Only 888 units will be created of the Moon Rover, so you better gets your hands on them. The monitors are priced at a mind-numbing $1199 making them a choice for avid listeners with fat-pockets.

Designer: Campfire Audio

The brand claims that the pair has a neutral and analytical sound signature that’s better than any of their current IEMs. Moon Rover is identified by its crystal clear sound and wide soundstage, with exciting upper frequency, a balanced mid delivery and a punchy low end. This is made possible with a newly developed 12mm magnetic planar dynamic driver that has a fast delivery for peppy sonic sound. So, you can expect it to outperform the competition when it comes to playing hard rock or club beats.

Design of the IEM is not understated either in the shape of a hand-crafted, encased titanium shell that’s flame-treated for a distinct look. The awesomeness doesn’t stop there as they have a PVD steel spout and gold-plated screws. The namesake comes courtesy of the shell having a cosmic theme drenched in hues of blue, purple and yellow that change color depending on the amount of light falling on them. The monitors are bundled with a 3.5mm cable, silicone eartips (small, medium and large foam size)  and waxed leather case.