This modern and minimal snaking seating system is inspired by German highways

How often do you pay attention to the seating system in your office cafeteria or any public space for that matter? Not very often, or to be honest not at all. And I don’t blame you, since the seating system seen these days are monotonous, uniform, and quite blah. There is simply no reason for them to grab our attention, or inspire us to compliment their aesthetics. But this is where the Autobahn Seating proves to be different. Created by designer Alexander Lotersztain in collaboration with the Australian brand Derlot, Autobahn Seating is a unique and modern seating system.

Designer: Alexander Lotersztain for Derlot

What makes Autobahn so unique and interesting is the fact that is it inspired by German highways! Autobahn was originally designed in 2012 to be a modular and flexible seating system whose various components can be effortlessly reconfigured to provide for a wide range of functions in all kinds of spaces. It aims to be a continuous and free-flowing seating solution.

Autobahn is defined by both straight and curved bench seating modules, which can be connected to create one long and slithering snake-like structure. The various modules also come along with small circular tables that can be optionally added by attaching them to the legs. An upholstered armrest at a raised angle can also be added to the system. The armrest will run parallel to the seats.

“Just like the German highway, the Autobahn collection is all about flowing lines, open spaces, and endless possibilities. A refined and pared-back form allows Autobahn to effortlessly change gears and adapt to both formal and informal environments,” said Derlot. Autobahn comes in a variety of fabrics and leathers that you can pick and choose from. The legs and tables are also available in a diverse selection of powder-coated colors and wood veneers.