Fanboy Table

Here’s an iDesk for your iDevices! Designed specifically for Apple products, this table by designer Sebastian Lara features a cleft, angled indention that supports and charges your iPod, iPhone or iPad. At the center there is also a built-in, hideaway platform that will hold your tablet at an ergonomic angle for working or reading.

Designer: Sebastian Lara


  • sebadris says:

    for more pictures and specifications

  • John Cain says:

    I think I would have to argue with the comment about being ergonomic. Slouching and looking down to interface with the tablet is most definately not the optimal ergonomic position.

  • Randa says:

    I agree – how exactly is this ergonomic?

  • Hunter says:

    For extreme iFans: those who would sacrifice any chance of having healthy posture for the ability to charge their iProducts on a table without (a) dock(s).

    Forgets the fact that true iFans will already have several docks for each iProduct they own.

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