Imitating an Edison bulb, this flashlight radiates warm glow that’s subtle on the eye and super-helpful in the outdoor

Interior designers are swaying heavily in favor of warm lights. The inclination coupled with a desire for the retro has stirred the renascence of the Edison bulb. Foremost on every designer’s list to warm up an interior atmosphere, the bulb radiates a glow that’s subtle on the eye and shines with brilliance.

A staple in the restaurant and home design, the Edison bulb’s ambiance is now trickling down for the love of everyday carry aficionados in the form of an Edison Light Stick from Barebones. Selling through Huckberry, this is a multifunctional flashlight, which according to the product listing is “inspired by vintage lantern.”

Designer: Barebones

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Yes, there is a hint of resemblance to the lantern, but this flashlight/lamp actually gets its name from the wire filament-esque LED strip that coils around its spine. This gives the Edison Light Stick a distinct look and a warm glow that the outdoorsy would fancy in their gatherings.

Potentially a “super-helpful” device in case of emergency, the Edison Light Stick is a companion far and above the ordinary. The handy flashlight casts a warm LED ambient light and also works as a direct light for tasks like preparing food or fetching water.

Multifunctional in nature, the lantern-inspired light glows warm to instantly uplift the mood in the camp or doubles as a reading light for those who still flutter through the white sheets inked in black. The glass tube body of the Edison Light Stick features brass and copper construction top and bottom, while leather accents complete its handsome look.

Available in two colors for $75, the petit light stick is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery chargeable via a wall outlet. On the go, it can be recharged using USB-C tethered to a secondary device. It comes with seven different light modes so you can have your ideal ambiance anytime, anywhere.