Carbonate to Your Heart’s Desire

There are two types of people in the world- those who like flat water and those who appreciate their bubbles! As one of the latter, I can really appreciate this easy-to-use home soda maker. The SodaStream offers breakthroughs in functionality with one-touch activation and variable carbonation levels. Turn water into sparkling or soda with one simple snap, lock and press of a button.

Designer: Tamooz


  • Critical Consumer says:

    Bubbles are great, but not when the come at the expense of human rights. Sodastream is produced in an Israeli settlement built illegally in the occupied Palestinian territories. That’s a violation of International Law. No sleek design can hide this.

  • Vincent Rousseau says:

    Available at

  • Paul says:

    Having tried one of these, I think they are amazing. Though carbonation isn’t really the best for you and your bones, It is a great way to make your own drinks without the added salt and cost.

  • léa says:

    I agree with Paul, except that with these kind of machines you can also make your own beverage with fresh fruit for exemple, which is pretty healthy. The Revolution is a great machine, a bit expensive though

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