This wireless charger for your iPhone, Watch, and AirPods is the last tech accessory you’ll need

The AirBox Go may appear like any other portable charger, but this one’s just built different. Designed with the ability to not just charge your phone but also juice your Apple Watch and AirPods, the AirBox Go’s multifaceted design makes charging on the go simple and cable-free.

The MFi-certified 3-in-1 power bank’s design is something you’ll instantly recognize against a sea of other power banks. Unlike others that look like mere bricks of black or metallic silver, this one comes with a unique rounded shape, geometric details, and a textured lid that reveals a hidden compartment underneath. The design is refreshing to look at, but it isn’t just aesthetic for the sake of it – the form has an underlying function.

Designer: Momax

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Visually, the AirBox Go’s multiple parts serve their own purposes. The two circular details on the top act as wireless charging zones – the smaller one for the Apple Watch, and the larger for any smartphone with wireless charging abilities, although its built-in MagSafe detail makes it better suited for the iPhone. The textured lid around the two charging zones opens to reveal a tiny hatch underneath for storing an AirPods case, with a third wireless charging coil built in to charge your AirPods too.

Made for Apple Watch – Separate 5W Fast Charging.

AirPods Storage – Store and charge AirPods.

10,000 mAh Battery – Pack lighter and go further.

The AirBox Go comes with a staggering 10,000mAh battery that allows you to charge your devices multiple times on a single charge, giving it a distinct edge over other wireless power banks. The MagSafe charger has a 15W output, working just as fast as a charging cable to rapidly juice your iPhone. A USB-C port built into the AirBox Go outputs 20W for charging other devices like an iPad, headphones, Nintendo Switch, drone, etc.

Regardless of what tech gadgets you plug into it, the AirBox Go comes with multiple hardware protocols and failsafes to protect against surges, overcharging, overloading, or over-discharging. The AirBox Go is both MFM(Made for MagSafe) and MFi(Made for Apple Watch) certified, with original Apple components used in its construction. It’s lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around, and if you’re an avid traveler, you’ll be happy to know that the AirBox Go is airport-safe and TSA-approved too!

Click Here to Buy Now: $134.99 $199.99 ($25 off with voucher and an additional 20% off with coupon code “YANKO20OFF”). Hurry, deal ends in 24 hours.