This Tron-inspired low-slung serpent will be Metaverse world’s most desirable possession

Tron Legacy set the bar way up high in 2010 when it showed the world what a futuristic set of wheels ought to look like. Those peeking headlights, low-slung body shape and hubless wheels – all sparked a renewed interest in bikes destined for decades ahead.

The dream still lives on as we’ve seen with immaculately designed concepts by budding automotive designers and actual prototypes by big names in the multimillion-dollar industry. The cool motorbike designed by Roman Dolzhenko and the jaw-dropping Dust Tesla are a couple of good examples if you need a head start.

Designer: Limesh Verma

Another flamboyant concept that piques my automotive instinct is the Azrael motorcycle by Limesh. It’s like a future vision of something that Elon Musk would dare to design (if he continues with his automotive ventures) for a colonized Mars sometime a decade down the line. Oozing with the similar assuring crawling stance of Dust Tesla, the Azrael bike has a definitive Tron Legacy influence on it. Everything on this two-wheeled serpent (if I may call it) is tuned for speed and not meant for sharp hairpins – either on a circuit or city streets. The thing is meant to push the throttle on and disappear into the horizon.

Those hubless wheels paired with the lightweight unibody frame crafted from carbon fiber make up for the visual lack of agility to an extent. On closer inspection, the rear wheel seems glued to the outer frame somehow. However, there could be a double wishbone suspension arm hidden underneath. The front wheel has a clearly visible single suspension, giving it a cruise bike-like character, not necessarily in the looks though.

The all-black polished body is contrasted with the sci-fi red or interstellar blue, signifying the element of speed. The ends of the handlebar, suspension springs and rims are done in a brushed metal finish for contrasty features. Either of these hues comes optional for the Azrael which already urges me to hop on and get the engine revving to peak RPMs until the needle shakes!