Car With Split Personalities

Inspired by China’s densely populated urban areas, designer Colin Pan sought to design a conceptual vehicle that would satisfy young people who like the accessibility of electric bikes as well as older adults with families who prefer compact cars. The result is this years entry into the Michelin Challenge Design showcase, MBOLIC, a modern modular family car that can separate into 2 gyro-balanced personal vehicles for easy maneuvering in city traffic.

Designer: Colin Pan


  • Ian says:

    I'd at least like them to think about HOW those bikes separate and re-integrate with the main body… It's a nightmare, BUT THAT'S REAL DESIGN.

  • Mightee says:

    looks like some alien has designed it
    just awful looking car i must say!

  • I think this a pretty cool. So yeah the mechanics and the technicals might not be there right now, but where there's a will there's a way.

    Nice idea. I think it could be explored further with possible uses for the main body once the occupants disperse off. Or even the possibility of having the main body section as a public transport piece, the gyro pods could be personally owned, attach your Modules to the main body and then drop them off outside cities etc like park and ride.

  • BALA MURUGAN says:

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