This 100% self-sterilizing anti-microbial jacket is the ideal apparel to keep you safe outdoors

Modern problems require modern solutions. Meet the Just5, a jacket that was built to act as PPE, with the ability to self-sanitize in just 5 minutes. The entire Just5 jacket comes treated with HeiQ V-Block, a coating developed by Swiss company HeiQ, that neutralizes microbes using silver and cosmetic-grade liposomes. In short, every inch of the jacket has the ability to break apart microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, keeping the jacket sterile at all times. The HeiQ V-Block technology is compliant with EU BPR and was first launched to be applied on medical class 1 face masks, and comes with registration from the US EPA.

Designed as a piece of apparel fit for the times we’re currently in, the Just5 jacket comes outfitted with features you need to keep you safe. An integrated hood and visor allow you to cover the upper half of your face without compromising visibility, while the jacket itself comes with its own Type 2R mask, that protects your nose and your mouth. Given that hands remain one of the most vulnerable parts of the body when it comes to picking up pathogens, the Just5 jacket even has extendable hand-shields that pop out from under the cuff. Crafted from warp knitted elastic fabric, these shields stretch out from inside the sleeve to cover your hands as you hold onto handles, touch keypads, or do anything that may risk getting your hands infected.

Even the jacket’s zippers come with the HeiQ V-Block tech, to keep every inch of the jacket safe. Zippers on the outside provide storage as well as the ability to access elastic pull-tags that help tighten the jacket around your waist. On the inside, the jacket has a dedicated pocket for carrying a sanitizer, a separate pocket that holds a self-sanitizing microfiber cloth for cleaning your spectacles, and lastly, an integrated inner pouch that allows you to pack the entire jacket into it for easy carrying.

However, these features don’t limit the Just5 to a specific scenario. The jacket is still ideal for even wearing outdoors while camping or on a trek. The outer fabric and zippers are waterproof, keeping you and your belongings dry at all time, while remaining breathable and thermo-regulating, to keep you internally cool when it’s hot out. The jackets come in three styles, for men, women, and children, across 4 different colors and a variety of sizes. Designed in Italy, the jacket keeps fashion requirements in consideration (after all, it is a garment designed to be worn in public), with a timeless cut that covers you from your head to your knees… keeping you protected from not just the elements, but from diseases too!

Designer: European Institute of Design

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JUST5: The World’s First 100% Self-Sanitizing Jacket

Treated with HeiQ V-Block, all the components of JUST5 jacket – Fabrics, Sewing Threads and even the Zippers – are 100% self-sanitizing.

Any surface we touch and any garment we wear can be dirty or contaminated by contaminants floating around in the air. The JUST5 jacket will keep you sheltered from your surroundings and safe when touching outside surfaces on the go. Its hygienic surface is restored within just 5 minutes so that it stays usable forever.

HeiQ V-Block’s Scientific Background

HeiQ V-Block is a breakthrough, patent-pending, combination of two synergistic HeiQ technologies:

– ​Advanced silver based on recycled source.
– Bio-based liposome vesicle technology as a booster sustainably sourced.

A deeper look at HeiQ V-Block’s scientific background:

– Specially engineered silver technology with additional vesicle technology as a booster for effective and rapid efficacy
– Effectively inhibit growth and persistence of micro-elements that uses textile as a hosting surface.

HeiQ V-Block self-sanitizing efficacy has been tested by internationally reputable and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) laboratories according to ISO20743 and ISO18184 standards.

100% safe for the skin:

– HeiQ V-Block technology is certified as safe and sustainable.
– All ingredients used in HeiQ V-Block have been carefully selected from the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) list.
– All ingredients are bio-based and/or recycled.
– HeiQ V-Block technology is EU REACH and US FIFRA compliant, OEKOTEX® certified, ZDHCand bluesign® homologized. Treated textile articles are compliant with EU BPR and US EPA.
– It does not irritate the skin – hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

JUST5 Features & Benefits

Hand Shields – Has extendable cuffs turning into comfortable hand shields to protect your hands from contacting potentially contaminated surfaces.

Touch function thanks to the special warp knitted fabric of the hand-shields.

The extendable elastic cuff has an internal reversed pocket where it is possible to insert and extract your hands very easily.

Are made of the high performing warp knitted elastic fabric produced by SITIP, the world leader in High Tech warp-knitted fabrics. The specific fabric used for JUST5 Hand Shields is Thunderbike Power. Its major technical features are the comfort fitting and shaping combined with superior wear-resistance and breathability.

Hood & Transparent Visor – JUST5 has a hood with a transparent visor to protect the eyes and face, adjustable thanks to the side and rear tie rods.

Pockets & Packability – JUST5 features four large pockets closed by NYSHIELD self-sanitizing zippers produced by 2A-NYGUARD the first Italian zipper manufacturer in Europe’s history.

The width of the jacket can be adjusted from the pockets.

JUST5 features a big internal pocket that allows it to be packable and easily available at any time.

JUST5 comes with a smart glasses cloth, of course powered by HeiQ V-Block, for cleaning glasses.

The Original HeiQ V-Block Masks

The original HeiQ V-Block masks with build-in particle filter are treated with HeiQ V-Block and additionally three other very efficacious features:

– HeiQ Pure on the top layer, antimicrobial and odor control.
– HeiQ Eco Dry ecological water repellent.
– HeiQ Smart Temp: activated cooling.

HeiQ V-Block XPRAY

A highly effective sanitizer that can be used to sanitize the surrounding areas in just 5 minutes.

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