The multi-sensory coffee machine!


Any coffee enthusiast will agree that 50% of coffee’s uplifting experience is in being able to smell its aroma wafting in the air. The aroma forms a major part of a coffee drinker’s experience, allowing both taste and smell senses actively participate in the consumption process, creating a wholesome caffeinated experience.

Scenty Presso is a coffee maker that knows how important the aroma of coffee is to the entire experience, and therefore is the only coffee machine actively dedicated to giving you not only a great brew but also filling your surroundings with the fresh bittersweet scent of coffee. The coffee machine works on a principle that’s a cross between a french press and a drip-over brewer. You place your coffee grounds in one receptacle and pour your water in, allowing the coffee to brew. Once done, you place the glass container on the top to create an hourglass shaped contraption and flip the Scenty Presso over. The brew drains out into the transparent receptacle now at the base, leaving the grounds on top.

Now most normal coffee machines would require you to empty the coffee ground remains into the trash, but not the Scenty Presso! The Scenty Presso uses the coffee grounds and their strong aroma to fill your room with the smell of caffeine! At the press of a button (with 3 degrees of intensity), the Scenty Presso lets the coffee grounds mix with air that gets pushed out of the top of the device, diffusing the nutty, delightful coffee fragrance into the air, while also turning what would previously be discarded as trash into something that absolutely uplifts one’s coffee experience… therefore giving your tongue as well as nose something to crave for!

The Scenty Presso is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2017.

Designers: Byun Seulki, Gwak Younyoung, Hwang Jinhyeong, Kim Taewoo & Kim Taeyeon.