These iPad Pro accessories give it superpowers like wireless charging and iMac-style docking

The iPad Pro is a versatile tablet. PITAKA’s accessories help it unleash its true potential.

Earlier this year, PITAKA held its Ecosystems virtual event where the company announced a series of accessories for the AirTag and iPad Pro. Now, it’s expanding its line of iPad Pro accessories with the MagEZ Case Pro – a snap-on iPad Pro case that gives it wireless charging abilities along with a rather nifty magnetic docking feature that magically transforms your iPad Pro from a simple tablet into a lot more. PITAKA calls this the PitaFlow – The world’s first iPad Magnetic Ecosystem.

Designers: Stephen Lu, Lucky Liu and Li Huipeng

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MagEZ Case Pro – An ultra-slim, 100% Magic Keyboard compatible iPad Pro charging case.

The MagEZ Case Pro looks like your average iPad Pro case but it’s much more than what meets the eye. The case isn’t just a protective cover for the iPad Pro, it’s also the foundation for PITAKA’s other accessories that let you do unique things like charge your iPad ‘wirelessly’ or turn it into a makeshift iMac or even a portable laptop of sorts. The MagEZ Case Pro snaps onto your tablet, with a tiny USB-C connector that plugs into your iPad Pro’s charging port. Once put in place, your iPad Pro suddenly gets the ability to charge wirelessly, or more accurately, without a cable.

An X-shaped detail on the back marks the position of a set of contact points that connect the X directly to the iPad’s USB-C port via a hidden PCB. Dock the iPad on PITAKA’s MagEZ Charging Stand and it satisfyingly snaps and auto-orients to create the connection, letting you charge your iPad without ‘plugging a cable in’. It’s a wonderful illusion that provides a wireless-like charging experience, without the hassle of coils and Qi-charging standards. On the outside, the MagEZ Case Pro comes crafted from aerospace-grade aramid fibers (also referred to by the brand name Kevlar) that give the iPad a strong, durable cover that resists impact. The case also features PITAKA’s Fusion Weaving™ technology, which weaves the aramid fibers in an alluring pattern that only PITAKA can achieve, effectively making it copy-proof.

The X-shaped detail marks the spot for the MagEZ Case Pro’s magnetic docking feature, which lets it snap to a variety of PITAKA’s accessories, like the MagEZ Charging Stand, a wireless charging stand that turns your iPad into an iMac. Just snap the tablet in place (in either, landscape or portrait mode) and it turns into an elevated angle-adjustable display. However, unlike the iMac, this one has a touchscreen, support for the Apple Pencil, and comes with a wireless charging mat at its base too for charging your iPhone or AirPods!

FlipBook Case – A minimalist bag to carry your iPad with Magic Keyboard and other EDC gear.

The final accessory is the FlipBook Case, which PITAKA announced in June of this year. Designed to turn your iPad into a portable briefcase, the FlipBook Case comes made from Carbitex OmniFlex Carbon Fiber, and has its own slot to place your Magic Keyboard for iPad, and handles that let you carry your new tablet-hybrid with you and open it to set up your workspace in just under 5 seconds. All the accessories conveniently snap right onto the back of the iPad thanks to the MagEZ Case Pro’s magnetic modular design, and the fact that it has a built-in wireless charger just makes keeping your iPad juiced much easier.

These accessories are what PITAKA calls their PitaFlow for Tablets – an ecosystem of products that maintain your productivity flow by turning your iPad into exactly what you need, from a laptop to a briefcase to a miniature iMac. “We thought about making it easier for users to use their iPads for productivity while protecting them. Through magnetic design, the iPad can truly become a portable tablet to freely use at home, outdoors, and other scenes”, say the designers at PITAKA. PitaFlow is perhaps the only comprehensive accessory ecosystem for the iPad designed to do the things it does. The MagEZ Case Pro is the world’s first iPad case with MagSafe-style magnetic wireless charging, as well as the only third-party accessory to support Apple’s Magic Keyboard accessory for the iPad.

Click Here to Buy Now: $89.99. Shop their Christmas Sales here.