PITAKA’s new iPad Case comes with a clever zip-less design that lets you set your workstation up 1 second

A major part of good design isn’t the actual art of designing, it’s the art of identifying problems. If you can identify a problem that people tend to ignore as ‘a part of life’, chances are you can unlock a solution that people never knew they needed. This is the story of PITAKA’s FlipBook Case for the iPad. The story started with the designers at PITAKA realizing exactly how cumbersome current iPad cases and sleeves were. In order to use the iPad, you’d need to extract it from within the case or sleeve, and then put the case/sleeve on the floor beside you. This entire process would take minutes, and just seemed inefficient to begin with. So PITAKA reinvented the iPad case.

Designers: James Zheng, Stephen Lu, Shawn Wang and Alion Peng

Click Here to Buy Now: $89.

The PITAKA FlipBook Case for the iPad takes just around a second to open and get working. Designed to sit around your iPad so you don’t have to ‘take the case off’, the FlipBook Case goes from protective cover to workstation in practically seconds. Just attach it to your iPad and Magic Keyboard and you’ve got a case that opens in a split second, and folds down in the same amount of time. Handles built into the FlipBook Case let you carry your iPad as if it were a mini briefcase, and a zip on the front of the FlipBook Case lets you carry accessories like your phone, cards, wallet, charging cable, or anything from PITAKA’s own ecosystem of great EDC products.

The FlipBook Case comes with a smart, zip-less design, making it efficient for use while traveling. With an all-black design that just screams professionalism, the case is constructed using leather along with Carbitex CX6® Carbon Fiber trims that provide heightened durability. With just the right balance between the two materials, and slight, judicious use of orange detailing, the FlipBook Case has the appeal of a sports car… except it can open and set your iPad up faster than a sports car can hit 0 to 60!

The FlipBook Case is available on PITAKA’s website starting $89. PITAKA’s ASI (Accompany Small Innovators) members get priority access to the FlipBook Case, while shipping for regular buyers begins July 1st, 2022.

Click Here to Buy Now: $89.