Grocery Bag Chic, Moukisac Review

Walk into any supermarket today and you’ll see a new trend. People are bringing their own shopping bags. With plastic bags labeled as the evil accomplice to the environmental problem, a number of companies have taken it upon themselves to design grocery bags durable enough for hauling while remaining questionably stylish. After all, being “green” is now a message people want to project so shopping bags have had to evolve into accessories. I’ve been using the Moukisac shopping bag for the past few months and it promises utilitarian chic.The Moukisac is made of a nice suede-like material about the size of a small satchel. Inside are 4 mesh bags of varying sizes to hold nuts, seeds, grains, produce, and perishable goods. The satchel unfurls into a larger bag and the flap become a smaller bag itself. In total you have 6 bags.

In practice the bags work fine. Just fill them up and put everything in the larger bag to haul home. The concept is simple so I have no complaints there. My only one complaint is the build quality. The main bag is only single stitched which over time will not be able to withstand the constant tension and weight of groceries. A double stitch or better yet, overlock stitch would have made it much more durable.

What we liked:

  • A color for every personality.
  • Nice suede-like material and it’s washable.
  • Strong stretchy mesh bags.
  • Lots of potential storage that neatly folds up into a small satchel.
  • Super affordable.

What could be improved:

  • Build quality. Single stitch is too weak

Perhaps I’m being too picky since I’m a fashion designer; I notice textile and garment construction with a surgeon’s eye. The Moukisac really is a fine bag and the number of compliments I received while standing in line proved it so. Would I buy it? Yes, yes I would.

Designer: Marie Naubert [ Buy it here ]