This collapsible dog crate keeps your pet safe and free while traveling in your car

When you see dogs riding in cars in movies or even advertisements, you always see the head hanging out, tongue lolling, and pet smiling scenarios. But as any pet owner knows, real life is not as picturesque as that. Dogs in cars can be messy, chaotic, and sometimes even dangerous for both the pets themselves and the owners. So what you need is something that can keep them safe and secure while in a moving vehicle but also give them some sense of freedom.

Designer: Hammacher

This dog crate is meant to be a safe space for your pet while they’re riding with you on a short or long road trip. The Safer Automobile Pet Crate doesn’t really look like an actual crate but more like an enclosed baby seat for your fur babies. It is meant to be placed behind the front passenger seat and is secured with a harness to the headrest and a seatbelt for the back part. This way, even when you’re driving fast (or as fast as you’re allowed), the crate will stay in place and your pet be safe.

It is made from lightweight polyester and has a breathable mesh on both sides so your dog will not feel suffocated as it can still breathe and feel the breeze if your windows are down. That way, they can also still see the outside world but they’re kept in place if they become too excitable with all the passing vehicles and the kids waving from other cars. There are zipper doors on either side for easy access and the crate also has two storage pockets for things like food and water and hook-and-loop fasteners to hold their toys and treats.

To make your dog more comfortable, it has a fleece-covered pad. The whole thing is also easy to clean as it is washing-machine friendly. And in case you’re not bringing your pet with you on certain trips, you can just fold it flat and store it somewhere else to make space in the car. The Safer Automobile Pet Crate measures 28 x 19 x 27 inches so it may be just right for your small or medium-sized dogs. It’s also pretty affordable at just $130 and for pet lovers that love to travel with their dogs, that’s a small price to pay.