Petpartment is a space for both you and your feline buddies

For those who have cats (or any pets for that matter) at home, I can imagine that it’s a constant balance of keeping them entertained and also keeping them from ransacking your space. I am not a pet owner (ooohing and aaahing at cute pets is the only thing I can do) but I see my friends trying to solve this issue by getting all kinds of accessories and tools for their fur babies, including the very instagrammable cat trees. But what if you have a small space and you need something that can be both for you and your cat?

Designer: S2Victor Design Studios

Petpartment is a concept for a space for both the cat and the cat owner so you can have a “beautiful life with your beloved pets”. What makes it different from the usual cat trees is that it doesn’t just let your cat be like Obi-Wan Kenobi and have the higher ground. It’s actually meant to be decorative and functional for both of you and hide those interiors that you don’t want them to harm while they’re playing or going about their day.

The architecture of this pet apartment is well thought out and actually has four different angles with different functions as well. The front view is a showcase of the material used which is red oak and stainless steel. It looks like a bookshelf but instead of filling it with books, you can fill it with a cat or two. But there’s also room for books as the left side has storage space for both your stuff and your cat’s snacks, toys, etc. I just don’t know if I can trust cats to be around my beloved books but that’s just me, a non-pet person.

The right side is where your cats are meant to go crazy since it’s designed as their playground. The rear view is meant to be their “viewing deck” if the Petpartment is placed near a window. So there you have it, four different views and angles to play around if you need your cat’s apartment within your apartment be something that you can use too. It’s a nice piece of furniture to have in your space, maybe even if you don’t have any pets at all.