Cozy cat-friendly products to help your cat and you connect better!

Anyone who has cats will agree that it’s a cat world, and we’re just living in it! They are the true masters of our home, and we are their abiding slaves, tending to their every need, always at their beck and call. They’re the apple of our eyes, and we would do almost anything to keep them happy and comfy, including showering them with fun little products, that they can play around with and keep themselves busy. From mini furniture to fashionable hats – we’ve curated a collection of product designs that will cater purrfectly to your cat’s every need. Happy kitties guaranteed!

Okawa City produced a campaign revealing mini furniture for cats! Named, ‘Craftsman MADE’, it includes genuine pieces of furniture which have been scaled down. The result is cute cat-sized furniture pieces including a little bed and a sofa for your feline friends. In fact, these images showcase cats having a very gala time indeed on these furniture designs!

We all like a comfortable camping experience once in a while, or to be more millennial, a comfortable glamping experience once in a while! But what about our feline friends? Wouldn’t they like a warm tent to cozy up into? I mean maybe they haven’t ever thought of it…but I’m sure they would enjoy it! Well, the Cat Camp is here! And it’s a mini indoor tent, especially for our cats. It’s quite similar to the mini display tents seen in outdoor shops, and it’s exactly like the larger tents for humans except its tiny…and cuter! 21.5 x 21.5 x 14 inches in size, the Cat Camp is spacious enough to accommodate almost all breeds of cats. A side-zip makes it extremely easy to enter, and it pitches just like a normal tent.

The KittySpring provides continuous fresh water for your cat, unlike regular water bowls that sit for long, allowing the water to go stale. Made from materials that are 100% food safe and easy to clean, the KittySpring uses a refillable bottle that supplies water to a transparent bowl (with a pebble-shaped cover). The water passes through a stainless steel filter to ensure purity, giving your cats fresh drinking water whenever they need it. As the bowl empties, it automatically gets replenished by the reservoir using a unique gravitational system that’s completely noise-free since it doesn’t run on an electrical motor. The bottle and bowl are easy to clean too and can be rinsed with soap water or even placed in a dishwasher for thorough cleaning. The stainless steel filter, on the other hand, lasts for years without needing replacement.

Wondering what these cats are wearing on their heads? They’re called Nukege Hats! The hats are made from the feline’s own fur. Old sheds are transformed into cute little hats for the cats! As adorable as these hats look, and fashionable too, I wonder if the cats actually like wearing them or no?

The Circle Zero from PLUTO is a smart litter box that takes care of your cat’s business. Designed to be fully automated, fully enclosed, and exceptionally silent, the litter box comes with a completely enclosed design to provide a private experience. Sensors on the box detect the presence of the cat and wait for a full 7 minutes after they’re done to automatically (and silently) scoop the waste from the litter and store it separately while completely containing and eliminating any odor too. Once the waste compartment is full, you can use any bag or liner to collect it and throw it away. The Circle Zero works with any brand of kitty litter and comes with two types of scoop designs. Sensors within the box (although it’s technically a sphere) keep track of your cat’s routines and can notify you via an app if any irregularities are spotted.

Designed to constantly pique a cat’s curiosity, the Cheerble is a board-and-ball combination that is to cats what pinball is to humans. It features a hyperactive vibrating ball that darts around a board, while your cat constantly follows it as a predator follows its prey. At the heart of the Cheerble board game is its ball, a durable ping-pong ball-shaped device with a synthetic fiber coating that almost looks like an abstract mouse. The ball, with built-in motors and lights, can be set to one of three active settings, causing it to dart around chaotically, grabbing a cat’s attention in the process. Paired along with the ball is the Cheerble board, which comes in two variants, both with corrugated cardboard bases – the same material used to make cat-scratching posts.

The external shape of Cat Person’s shipping boxes was maintained by taking advantage of all the interior space. Granneberg designed three shipping containers for Cat Person, each forming different structures. The first, which contains initial orders for Cat Person customers, is the trial shipper and that transforms into the Paw Puzzler, a custom mailer box with a perforated corrugate tray that transforms into a shorter box dotted with holes large enough for a toy ball and your cat’s paw. The second shipping container is fitted to ship Cat Person’s most frequently bought store items, reshapes into the Cat Chalet, similar to a cardboard castle formation, with elongated dust flaps that nest together to become a peaked roof. The last shipping container is sized for the larger orders and converts into a Cat Condo much like the Cat Chalet, except the Condo’s elongated dust flaps are used to bend and separate the box into two rooms for cats to crawl between.

Sunghoon Park’s ‘Carrio’ is quite versatile and modular as well! At first glance, it may look like an ordinary pet carrier, but once you dwell deeper, it has a bit of a surprise in store for you. At home, Carrio can be used as a bed or a quaint resting spot for your pet, a personal area for your pet to laze around in after a long day of play. When it comes to functioning as a carrier, it provides two modules, owing to two types of straps that can be customized. It can be used as a carrier backpack, slip it onto your shoulders effortlessly and take your pet alongside you wherever you please. Put on the second pair of straps, and it can be used as a travel carrier bag! You can hold it horizontally like a duffle bag, apt for your larger furry friends.

PaiPai Pets’ double basin cat kennel is a cat tower and console storage cabinet in one. Looking at the kennel head-on, two wide doors border a narrower middle door, which opens up to the kennel’s storage unit and jungle-gym interior. On the left and right sides of the kennel, there’s enough space to fit two large litter boxes, which are always accessible through the middle door’s open porthole. Behind the kennel’s center cabinet, storage shelves can be found where cat owners can stow away smaller items like cans of wet cat food and litter scoopers. Painted in bright white, with natural wood accents along the perimeter, the kennel can remain discreet even in busier home spaces like the living room or den.

The Cat Person Mesa Bowl No-Tip Food Dish has been designed exclusively for cats! Usually, when cats eat, they hunch over, and honestly, their crouched position doesn’t look very comfortable. Hence Cat Person created an ergonomically designed bowl that features an elevated stand, so your cat can eat in a healthier position! With its six-inch diameter, the bowl also accommodates your kitty’s long whiskers.