This pet carrier that doubles as a bed is a cozy burrow your pal’s bound to find comforting

Little pals in our life deserve the best health and world of exposure. As concerned parents, we leave no stone unturned to ensure the same within the four walls. However, it is always not the same outside.

Traveling with pets – whether to the veterinarian or on a flight overseas – is not a comfortable experience, especially if you don’t have a pet that’s friendly with her carrier bag. Now, either you can step up your game and train the pup to enjoy the safe confines of a pet carrier, or even better, get her a carrier she would love to burrow in.

Designer: Olga Orsel

There is a plethora of options on the market that vouch to be convenient to carry and comfy for the most restless pets. When it comes down to choosing one for our needs, we must consider safety, convenience, and aesthetics primarily.

Because there are so many variables, I’m sure, you would have gone pillar to post in search of a pet carrier that checks these boxes. Not sure about your outcome; but if someday I want a carrier, it ought to be somewhere around the concept of the Burrow.

Burrow for one ousts the regular bag appearance and those sharp-edge cage aesthetics for a pleasing design with safe corners. The functional design has a convenient push-button door and comes padded with a removable mattress for the pet to cozy up in. The walls are safe and well-ventilated. Ventilation is enhanced by a mesh door that would let the little pal peek outside and breathe fresh.

What really makes the Burrow pet carrier stand out for me is its detachable design. It is built in two sections: the top and bottom being separable. The sections are enclosed with loop and hook closure which makes it easy to clip and clip off. When torn seperate, the base of the pet carrier doubles as a bed.

This idea not only renders the Burrow multipurpose; it also adds exceptionally to the carrier’s space-saving antics, which is generally a concern with traditional pet carriers. Offered in four colors, Burrow allows pet owners to personalize it courtesy of a silicon dog tag attached to the handle of the carrier. The convenient handle makes the Burrow similar to a basket so it is effortless to carry about.