Rocking chair with a built-in swing may just be the most playful seating experience I’ve seen

The only thing it really needs is an ice cream dispenser to fulfill every single childhood fantasy of mine…

Meet the Swing Seat, a chair with a kinesthetic experience that gives you the feeling of sitting on a swing on the playground. The chair sports both a swinging seat and a rocking base, which combine together to create a unique experience that’s quite unlike sitting on a regular rocking chair. “The resulting dual action of this mechanism creates a back-and-forth gliding sensation, like a swing in motion”, says designer Joe Parr.

Designer: Joe Parr

The Swing Seat challenges the instinctive reaction to lounge or relax on a reclining chair when fatigued. It’s something adults do frequently, but it isn’t what instinctively comes to children. Instead of retiring to a sofa or recliner, children are more driven to the idea of ‘recess’, or of playing and stimulating themselves to reduce fatigue and stress. The Swing Seat brings that interaction back to adults, giving them the ability to rejuvenate their senses while staying seated and alert. “When I discovered how motion added excitement the experience for the sitter, I began to understand the power of the mind and body connection”, Parr mentioned.

The Swing Seat comprises a bent metal-pipe frame with a rocking base, and a leather hammock-style seat attached to the sides of the frame, giving you a chair that simultaneously swings as well as rocks to and fro. Combine the two and they sort of add up to create a sense of thrill without the space requirements of a playground swing!