Less is More Lighting

“Minimal” and “chandelier” are two words rarely seen together but this design, created for Viennese crystal specialists, Lobmeyr, is a twist on the extravagant classic elegantly expressed through “less is more” styling. The One Crystal Chandelier achieves its minimal form with a cable ran through a curved tube with a single LED light at the end. A lone, dangling crystal is lit from below creating a powerful yet simple shimmer. A thoughtful design sure to be adored by lovers of classic and contemporary design alike.

Designer: Thomas Feichtner


  • I really find these interesting; would be great in the right room. Took a look at your website to – love the “Cutt” flatware would love to give it a try.

  • All the design of Crystal Chandelier is really good. It will be matched with my room. with nice shape & design & I like it

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