This Plug is a Switch!

Ideas that enhance functionality are always welcome, and hence the Clack Plug makes its way here. The socket is the switch itself; hence the design compels you to switch off the plug when not in use. Ideal of course is to unplug devices when not in use, but for now the Clack Plug will suffice.

Designers: Goeun Choi, Jeongsoo Heo & Younghun Lim


  • Vig says:

    What a nice idea! And it looks like more universal than known ones exploring similar approach (like “Folding The Power Plug”)

  • greenisme says:

    brilliant! what a great way to save energy.

  • Vic says:

    GOOD job

  • Ryan says:

    hey…this is a simple yet fantastic concept. everyone will save energy with this plug switch!

  • Will says:

    thumbs up to the designer. what a creative solution to energy problems!

  • hank says:

    good luck to all! I hope we will get to see the entries here.

  • Harry says:

    now way…I cannot get over how simplistic this creation is yet so smart!

  • Lisa says:

    This one wins my vote for the best energy saving concept design ever. kudos.

  • Gina says:

    genius! simplistic solutions deserve recognition and encouragement.

  • Taylor says:

    neat! thanks for this post.

  • CAD design says:

    Good idea to save energy.

  • Clovis says:

    Good idea. The orientation of the plug might be better with the wire coming down vertically +/- 10 degrees for on and off. To switch off simply tap the wire or plug with your foot.

  • DUSTY says:

    Where can I find?

  • Paul Sandip says:

    what about 3 pin plugs?

  • MrSatyre says:

    This makes no sense. By their own admission, plugs are typically where they aren’t easy to reach or see, so getting to them to flip them is more of a hassle than simply throwing a light switch on a wall to shut off the AC to that outlet.

  • MichelleAdios says:

    This idea is very similar with my idea two years ago. And also participated a competition in Taiwan.Check it out->

  • Neil Kendall says:


    My name is Neil, I’m an import/export agent based in the UK. I’m always interested in marketing new and innovative products. I recently found out about the Crack Plug and was wondering whether you’d be interested in me becoming your UK distributor/sales rep? Do you have UK distribution? I could market the Crack Plug to electrical retailers and wholesalers here in the UK.

    Please email back to discuss further.

    Kind regards,

    Neil Kendall

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