An Incentive to Save Your Money!


Many of you will be familiar with the proverb, ‘Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’, and with this comes the need for a place to store said pennies. Whilst many will resort to a characterful Piggy Bank, or a container of sorts, why not add an element of playfulness? Well, that’s exactly what the Hammer Bank has been designed for.

Designed on the philosophy of Familiarism; the idea of connecting familiar product interactions with new experiences, this hammer-like money-bank encourages destruction! Not only does this bring an element of excitement to the product, but due to its one-use nature and inevitably destructive end, it introduces the incentive to save… and not repetitively dive into the savings!

Aside from the ‘X’ shaped coin-slot on the top of the device, it features an uninterrupted, unibody form, giving it a satisfyingly clean aesthetic… that is until it shatters into a million pieces on your desk!

Designer: Chris Ference