These Tesla Sipping glasses uphold the company’s futuristic sci-fi vibe

Despite recent controversies involving Elon Musk and his acquisition of Twitter, his Tesla is still one of the most admired brands in the world. There are a lot of people who dream of owning one of their cars. Well if you can’t afford to get a car, maybe you can get one of their brand collectibles. We’ve seen limited edition backpacks, mugs, umbrellas, and a weird but interesting Cyberwhistle. They even have their own tequila brand in a weirdly-shaped bottle. If you need a sipping glass to go with that, you’ll now be able to get one.

Designer: Tesla

The Tesla sipping glass looks like something a character in a futuristic sci-fi movie would be using. It doesn’t look like your usual sipping glass as you can expect something from Tesla do be something different (weird is something that has been used as well). The glasses themselves have angular contours, mostly triangular in shape. They are engraved with the Tesla logo. The two glasses are then housed in a matching metal stand that also has the Tesla logo engraved.

The sipping glass set is priced at $75 and is now available to purchase on the Tesla website. It will be shipped after two weeks once you place your order so it can make it to your Christmas party if you want to show off a Tesla product without bringing them to your garage. There are probably more expensive (and a lot more cheaper) sipping glasses out there so the price tag is relatively “affordable” at least for branded ones, this brand in particular.

As a clumsy person, I’m not sure the shape of the sipping glass will prevent me from spilling my drink or dropping and shattering it. So this may not be something I’ll be getting. This will most likely appeal to fans of the Tesla brand which is what their other lifestyle products are meant to appeal to. We don’t know what percentage of those who purchase products like this are actually owners of Tesla products and which are just aspiring owners.