Like a Fantasy for Bottles

It is just like it. Like a fantasy. For bottles. It’s the Ribbon Bottle Opener, and all you’ve got to do is place it near the bottle and it will be opened magically. OR you could be in the real world, and you’d have to actually pop that top off. It’s made of polished stainless steel, formed as a continuous ribbon-like loop.

Woop the loop.

It’s totally the same on both ends, and looks just fabulous at any classy party you’ve got. Or are going to have! Let’s say you’re going to have a party and it’s going to be called a “Fancy Dress Party.” What kind of bottle opener are you going to put out there for everyone to use? Not the Vikings Football bottle opener. No way! That’d be totally weird. You don’t want to be weird at the Fancy Dress Party.

You want to be classy. So classy. You want the Ribbon.

Designer: Scott Henderson [ Buy it Here, Ribbon Bottle Opener is available for $25 @ YD Store ]

Ribbon Bottle Opener by Scott Henderson

Ribbon Bottle Opener is available for $25 @ YD Store