These thought-provoking designs by Kobo Sin are to die for!!  Both beautiful and shocking, Freakshow confronts the issues of death, time, and nature in a series of decorative furniture and lighting that is sure to turn heads.

Designer: Kobo Sin


  • Awesome..I love your job Kobo Sin, so inspiration..

  • James says:

    Sorry, but only Orientals, the warped and lonely or teenage boys with a morbid fascination for death would want this. No normal human being with any respect and principles could even condone something as vile as this, let alone own it. I doubt it says anywhere on it “animal died of a lovely old age and consented to be mocked in death”.

    It’s not beautiful and clearly wasn’t designed purely to confront the issues of death, time and nature. They were designed for shock value alone without any regard for taste. If you ignore the dead carcasses and focus on the designs themselves, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of thought in the styling. Without the dead animals, you don’t have anything special. The jar lamp, replace the murdered snake and put in something like flowers and you’d still get the whole “time, death and nature” aspect across, but it would actually be something nice to look at and ethical. Just a thought.

  • To James:

    The title of the line is called “Freak Show” I’m pretty sure that the designers know they are selling to a very limited audience.

    The fly lampshade is pretty weird–everything else looks like something you would see in a scientist’s -lab.

    Taste, as it turns out, is in the eye of the beholder.

  • deon marais says:

    flowers? i know what. put her in a jar and call it boring show. freak show is a very subtle exibit of our real ugly world. if you dont get it you never will.

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