Conveyor-inspired chairs bring a stark, minimalist look to your space

In this age of consumerism and materialism, there is a tendency sometimes for us to feel like we’re the products instead of just being a consumer. We see a lot of works of art, from movies to books to actual pieces of art, that speak to the fact that we are both the ones that consume and that we are being consumed as well. Did you ever think that this can be reflected in a chair that is both functional and artistic in its form and aesthetic? That’s what the CNVYR series from a Seoul-based designer and studio is all about.

Designer: Woojin Park for 1//plinth Studio

Those metal seats at the airport waiting area are not made to be the most comfortable and are not the prettiest as well. They serve a function which is to let us sit and wait for our flights so there’s really no need to make them look good. This CNVYR series reminds me of those metallic, cold seats but this time, there’s some aesthetic behind it and there seems to be an underlying message as well. You get a sense of sitting on a combination of conveyer belt and airport seat that is both stark and comfortable.

Aside from the tongue-in-cheek reference to consumerism, these conveyor chairs are also modular. You can refigure the detachable steel parts to create a seat for your needs or that which feels most comfortable. You will be able to place the steel pipes and different angular components in different positions. The conveyor belt material will also be tested in terms of flexibility for the modular design that you choose and also for the actual person sitting in the chair.

The chairs can also be combined to create a couch, which is what reminds me of airport chairs. The product renders show off dark blue and green colors for the conveyor textile in keeping with the minimalist and stark aesthetics. As I usually go for warm and comfortable-looking furniture in my house, I would probably not get one, but that’s just me. I can understand the appeal of these CNVYR chairs especially for those that prefer this kind of look.