A retro-modern speaker to revive fond memories of the good old radio player

A classic speaker design fused with the most upbeat features and audio technology gives me no reason to disbelief this concept’s potential to rock the audio market, just like Marshall does!

Most of the speakers on the market have adopted a more modern approach that zooms in on the aesthetic appeal and of course the audio output. However, brands like Marshall have created a niche with a very exciting fusion of retro with the modern, and their audio prowess is at the next level. All this gives them a distinct space and a dedicated fan following amongst audiophiles. Now another cool speaker concept ignites my excitement in the retro-modern fusion of audio equipment, and it is more like a classic low-rider of the speaker world.

Designer: Back Quote

This is the Memory retro-style speaker which looks like a 1967 radio taken for a spin and magically turned into a shiny new audio boombox ready to rock any party. A speaker Elvis Presley would have loved to own in his era. Memory has the typical shiny chrome feel to it, perfectly complemented by the off-white hue. The speaker has a frequency response of 50Hz – 20KHz which should cover all the human audible frequency ranges in the music. It can connect to mobile devices via Bluetooth or wired connection. Also, it gets wireless charging capability which is a big advantage. All these features make the Memory retro speaker utterly desirable from every perspective.

The volume toggle and the bass boost knobs are so dope, I instantly traverse to another realm. A time and place in the yesteryears where things were a lot simpler and the little material joys of life meant like the whole world. This retro speaker evokes that comforting feeling every time I look at it. No doubt, I desperately want this accessory to see the light of day, and I’m sure all you audiophiles too want this to be a real thing!