A Rocky Clock

What you’re about to see is the Octopus clock by Sebastian Oeyen of Arista Design. It’s constructed of polyester resin and anodized aluminum. It is not the sort of clock to sit still, certainly if you’re rocking the surface it’s sitting on, but that’s the idea! The concept for this idea, says Oeyen, comes from time and dynamism. Time, he says, is not static, and thusly, neither is this clock. It moves like a rocking chair and stands by equilibrium.

Often we share with you here at Yanko Design projects that are not yet created, conceptual and someday ready they will be. That’s not the case here though, all you gift givers, as Oeyen not only has them for sale, he’s his own salesman. Take a walk over to his site and ask for more info!

Designer: Sebastian Oeyen of Arista Design