Spacuzzi lets you stay warm in a small jacuzzi in the ocean

What do you get when you put a boat, a hot tub, and a fireplace in the middle of the ocean? It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but this is actually something that apparently people have been dreaming of. Of course you now have small boats (and big boats) that can accommodate both the hot tub and the fireplace, but what if you just wanted a small group of people to enjoy these amenities with you while you’re lounging in the water?

Designer: Spacruzzi

From the name of the company and the product itself, you can kind of determine what it is or what it wants to be. It actually can’t make up its mind so it combined the three things into just one: a small boat that can fit in four-five people, a gas-powered furnace to warm up the passengers, and of course, a jacuzzi that makes it the perfect hot tub for when you want to relax with close friends in the middle of the sea or ocean instead of just your backyard.

Even when the sea is a bit cold depending on the weather, staying inside the Spacruzzi will keep you warm as it has a propane-powered “stove” that is able to regulate its own temperature. In case you’re concerned that you might blow up due to overheating, it has a safety system and an automatic shut-off feature in case you’re warm enough already. If hygiene is a concern, there is an internal filtration system that also serves as the circulation and heating system. Although of course, sharing a jacuzzi with other people is always a “risk” when it comes to hygiene.

The design of the Spacruzzi is inspired by a teardrop so there’s space for the furnace and a small table in the middle so you can place your food and drinks. And of course, enough space to fit in the four-five people. There is also a ladder on the side so you can go into the sea and swim your heart out and go back to your boat when you want to relax again. You also have the option to customize it according to the color, wood and metal finishes, decking, etc.

I still probably won’t want to spend time in a small space and a jacuzzi in the middle of the ocean with even my closest friends in the spa with me. But hey, if that’s your dream, you just have to get ready with almost $50,000 to make it come true.