Top 10 commute gear gift guide that give a much-needed boost to your daily travel experience

There has always been a love-hate relationship between myself and my office commutes. I’ve always had the misfortune of having a very long commute (sometimes over 2 hours!) and while I enjoy having that time and space for myself, I’m always mindful of ways to make the most of this time with minimal products to carry. To add to my troubles, there would be a mix of my travel sources – using a public transit train plus a bike till the train station, I know one thing – keeping the bags light is a must! If this sounds like you or someone you know, then be ready as we have a list of products that are unique and multifunctional in design just for us. From bottles that convert into a travel mug, some kick ass bike accessories to even an alternate mode of travel (which makes going to office so much cooler), we have your back to get you fun and stylish for your commute time.

1. ForeverPen™

Ever had to do a self patdown in a public place to search for that ever-elusive pen right when the idea strikes you? Or looking for the box cutter all over the house when your most awaited parcel is finally here? This tiny inkiness pen brings you all those qualities in a size so small, it barely adds any weight with those mighty responsibilities it brings! Forever solving the ‘where is my pen’ conundrum, the forever pen writes without actually writing. Made from a unique silver composite that can oxidise surfaces, leaving behind a mark that you can write with without ever running out! Fit it on your keychain, your bag or even around your neck – once you place it, you won’t lose it. Write it on a variety of surfaces, in any orientation (very handy when traveling with your hands full) and even use it as a box cutter when you can’t find your 100th box cutter that you’re sure was in that drawer. 

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2. Hitch – Bottle and Cup In One

Hitch is the first full-size water bottle with a removable barista-approved cup hidden inside! This smart design features not only a full-sized bottle but a full-size cup as well, completely eliminating the need for disposable water bottles or to-go coffee cups. Double-walled, vacuum insulated, stainless steel, leak-proof, and BPA-free, Hitch will keep you hydrated all day long, help you go zero waste, and protect your drink with the help of a stashable leakproof slider lid. The cup holds 12oz of liquid, while the bottle holds 18oz – both are impressive quantities. The liquid can be kept hot for 6 hours, and cold for 12 hours. Hitch’s patent-pending technology makes it extremely easy to carry the bottle and cup together, as well as to separate them as needed. All you have to do is turn the crossbar at the bottom, and the cup is released from the bottle.

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3. Haylou Bone-Conduction Headphones

Don’t you wish you could wear your earphones and still listen to the world around you? No, I don’t mean transparency mode (which doesn’t work when the earphones are off), I mean just being able to hear the world around you! Meet the Haylou PurFree, a pair of bone-conducting headphones that sit in front of your ear instead of inside it. The earphones deliver audio vibrations to your upper cheekbone, sending music directly to your brain instead of through the ear. This means your ears stay open, and can still hear the world around you! A winner of both the Red Dot Design Award as well as the German Design Award, the Haylou PurFree comes with a spectacularly sleek design featuring a titanium alloy neck-band and a IP67 waterproof build. The earphones run Bluetooth 5.2 for a stunningly reliable connection, and feature a state-of-the-art Qualcomm 3044 chip that performs vocal noise cancelation to make sure that your voice doesn’t get lost in the noise around you while you’re talking on calls or asking Siri or Google questions!

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4. Gamma – Graphene Heated Jacket

Say hello to Gamma…the ultimate all-climate jacket that you’ve been searching for! Lightweight, durable, breathable, and insulated – these are just a few of Gamma’s fantastic traits. Whether you’re skiing in the Alps or heading out for a quick bite, this Graphene-infused jacket with its 10 smart pockets and anti-odor properties is all you need. Graphene allows Gamma to function as a winter jacket, a cool-weather jacket, a windbreaker, a rain jacket, and activewear all at once. Despite being a nano-lattice, which is just one atom thick, Graphene is stronger than diamond, and is popularly called ”supreme graphene”. It functions as a second skin, moving heat through its latticed structure, and evenly distributing it all over your body. Essentially it keeps you cool when it’s warm outside, and keeps you warm when it’s cold outside! Irrespective of your location, Gamma will keep you at your ideal temperature, keeping you comfortable and cozy, despite the external weather conditions.

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5. Lumos Ultra Helmet

A winner of the James Dyson Award for its brilliant design and underlying idea, the Lumos Ultra helmet protects you in more ways than one. Sure, it acts as a physical protection device, guarding your head against impact and injury, but it also comes embedded with lights on the front and back that help make you visible in the dark, so riders and drivers around you are aware of your presence. The bright light panels on the front and back wrap around the helmet in a way that makes them visible from all angles, and the Lumos Ultra even has indicator lights built in that can either be activated using a simple remote that straps to your handlebar, or an Apple Watch. The helmet itself is a marvel of engineering too, with a lightweight design and multiple air-vents that keep your head breezy. It’s still designed to be incredibly sturdy, with a crash-test certified construction and the option to add MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) as an extra feature that adds yet another layer of protection to the helmet’s design. The Lumos Ultra weighs a mere 0.8 lbs, is made to be IPx6 waterproof, comes in 3 sizes, and across a range of colors!

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6. Radiant Urban Sling Bag

The Radiant Urban Sling promises to be more than just a sling! The versatile and expandable pack is ideal for carrying your essentials with you everyday. Perfectly sized between a tote and a backpack, this modern and minimal sling is exactly what urban travellers need. Measuring 15 cm x 22 cm x 32 cm, the sling expands when needed and can fit in a 12″ iPad Pro. A magnetic flip closure provides quick and easy access to the main compartment. You can also access the external storage from both sides. The Radiant Urban Sling features suitable padding, rapid-retract shoulder strap and sufficient ventilation. A YKK Zipper, water-repellant eco fabric, premium hardware and slipknot closure are other noteworthy features of the urban sling. Radiant is perfect for modern day creators who need to fit all their gadgets into one compact and expandable body!

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7. Onewheel GT

Our ancestors invented the wheel, Henry Ford put the wheel to great use, and the folks at Onewheel distilled and perfected the idea of motorized transportation. The Onewheel GT basically does what a two or four-wheeled transport device does, but with less. Designed as a motorized skateboard that has just one wheel at its center, the Onewheel GT is perfect for in-city commutes and for leisurely skateboarding. Operated simply by standing on the board and shifting your CG to accelerate or decelerate, the GT comes with a 20mph top speed and up to 32 miles or 51 kilometers of range on a full charge. The GT comes with a bespoke, almost F1 racecar-inspired rounded tire that gives it the handling and maneuverability of a two-wheeler, and you can even choose a treaded tire for riding on uneven terrain like dirt roads. LEDs on the front and the back help you ride comfortably at night, while griptape-lined concave footpads make sure you’re always in control. Speaking of control, each Onewheel GT also pairs along with the Onewheel smartphone app that lets you customize the way your board rides, check your battery status, connect with friends and more.

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8. Layover™ Travel Blanket

Called the Layover, this travel blanket is perfect for comfortable + cozy traveling! The Layover promises to make those long uncomfy flights, hectic transits, and bumpy road trips super comfy owing to its breathable nylon shell, and insulated core, which will make you feel as if you’re in your bed at home. The insulation is created using 100% recycled PET plastic (like water bottles) and keeps you warm no matter where you are. A leg pocket and an insulated foot pouch protect your lower body from those annoyingly cold drafts on flights!  While a little kangaroo pocket keeps your hands warm. The Layover is travel-friendly and packs down to the size of your fists. It’s 35% lighter than a pair of Nike Free shoes. You can stuff it in the corner of your suitcase, or clip it onto your backpack, and completely forget its presence! Stuffing the blanket into the attached stuff sack that comes along with it, COULD have been an issue, if the designers hadn’t added 3″ of extra material for easy grip and stuffing.

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9. Arclight Bike Pedals

More than 50% of bicycle accidents occur because of reduced visibility… the Arclight Bike Pedals fix that. Designed as a unique pair of retrofittable LED pedals that attach onto any existing bicycle, the Arclight dramatically help increase rider visibility. Each pedal comes with a rugged aluminum body with two slots that let you securely snap LED modules in. Begin riding and the modules come to life, with the front module shining white and the rear one shining red. The modules instantly know when you’re riding versus when you’ve parked, turning on or off accordingly and automatically. They can even sense orientation, so the front-facing light is always white, and the rear one always red. Attach the Arclight to your existing bike and they brighten the road as well as make you more visible to people around you (especially when they move in circles as you pedal). The LED lights have 360° visibilty and come with 3 shining modes. They’re IP64 water-resistant so you can use the Arclight pedals in the rain, and the modules charge via USB, offering up to 36 hours worth of lighting on a single charge!

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10. Omega Graphene Integrated Pants

Levi Strauss was credited with inventing denim as a fabric for miners and labourers who needed clothes that could withstand rigorous work without scraping or tearing. Over a hundred years later, denim jeans are still the most popular form of bottomwear… but are they still the most durable? Not quite. Meet the OMEGA pants – full-length pants that are made from actual graphene fabric. Not only are they hundreds of times stronger than denim, they’re practically tear-proof and waterproof, have incredible breathability and thermoregulation properties, are anti-bacterial, and come witha 4-way stretch that gives you more maneuverability to do everything from going to work or climbing mountains. With a design that has the best of all worlds, the OMEGA pants look rather stylish, but also put performance on a pedestal. The pants come with an abundance of pockets, lined with zippers that keep them waterproof. The graphene fabric is abrasion-resistant, protecting itself (and you) from damage, while taped seams ensure the pants never rip or tear. The cloth has a 4-way stretch, is windproof and waterproof, blocks UV light, repels stains, and prevents bacteria growth. My favorite part? The zippers around the knees that let you turn the full-pants into shorts!

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