Move! Your Butt And Stuff

Dual functionality is the name of the game and if you add in words like “green”, ecofirendly” or “recycle”, the game gets better. What we have here is a simple enough solution to a problem that might not exists;but let’s just go with the flow for a moment. Scenario is that you move often and/or don’t have the resources to furnish your sparse accommodation, so you probably need boxes that can double up as furniture. So when you’re not packing stuff into “Move!”, just rearrange its body to become this seat to park your butt. Configure it at whim, make it a bedside table if you like.

Move is a packing box which can be folded and reused as furniture once it is unpacked. Re-usage and eco-material make Move sustainable and inexpensive at the same time. Corrugated cardboard is bio-degradable, 100% recyclable and yet extremely stable.

Designer: Janine Perkuhn