This zero-gravity circular, rolling chair lets you choose what seat you want

When you’re looking for a chair for work or for leisure, you probably think more about comfort and functionality rather than it having an avant-garde design or something. But there are some furniture designers that love to experiment with their designs and come up with some products that can be both for display and also something you can actually use. If the space you’re trying to fill is open to these more experimental kinds of chairs then this modular chair may be right up your alley.

Designer: AN.ONYMOUS

The Zero.Gravity chair looks like it belongs inside a spaceship or a science-fiction movie. It is actually inspired by four different classic modernist chairs: the Wassily Chair, the MR Chair, the LC4 Chaise Longue, and the first Folding Wheel Chair. It plays around with things like form, aesthetics, and even geometry. Think of it as a sort of Vitruvian man but instead of a man inside the sphere, you get different kinds of seats that you can choose from when trying to actually use the chair as a, well, chair and you yourself become the man.

Basically, you get seats within a steel loop and the structure actually rotates and lets you choose from among the various seating options it has. When there’s no one sitting (or lying in some instances) inside the chair, it is actually imbalanced and not that stable, meaning you can push it around if you want. So you become the “center of gravity” of this piece of furniture once you find the desired position and seat for when you’re working, reading, or just lying around.

The Zero.Gravity chair has a skeletal structure with various tubular steel ripples that serve as seats or at least shapes that is able to accommodate people (and maybe even pets if there’s a human with them). I’m not really sure if it will be able to fit all sorts of body types since the ones featured in the photo renders seem to be of the thin and lithe variety. As a form of modernist feature, it is indeed unique and a work of art but I’m not sure I would be comfortable reading a book or typing on my computer while sitting in something that doesn’t seem that stable at all (although they say it is).