This multifunctional WFH unit combines a library with integrated desks to feed our curiosity while we work

Curiosity-Go-Round is a cylindrical, miniature library that also functions as a workspace with integrated desks and tables.

As we adjust our routines to fit our work-from-home lifestyles, the furniture that gets us through the workday adjusts alongside us. Since WFH orders were first put in place, designers have found versatility in making integrative and modular home furniture.

Designer: Creative Project Base x Keigo Kobayashi

Taking the multifunctional and immersive spirit of WFH furniture to its maximalist end, architect Keigo Kobayashi was called on by the Creative Project Base team to create a bookcase that combines elements of a traditional workspace with integrated storage units to form a bookworm’s private working oasis called Curiosity-Go-Round. Before Curiosity-Go-Round reached completion, Japan-based company Creative Project Base told Kobayashi, “I want you to make a bookshelf that can hold all the books you have now…I want to make it a place where you can come up with ideas by yourself.”

The unconventional, miniature library stands alone as its own unit with embedded desks that engross workers in the shelves of books, as well as a central cavity that functions as a private retreat from the demands of the workday. Working amidst shelves of books can bring some calm so workers can focus and lose track of time for a moment. On different ends of Curiosity-Go-Round, the convex shelves curve to provide spacious tables for collaborative or solo work. The overall unit rises like a wonky cylinder with an open internal center that leaves room to explore the unit’s bookshelves.

By transforming the traditional office space into a zany bookworm’s retreat, work begins to feel more creative, collaborative, and manageable. Once Curiosity-Go-Round was completed, Creative Project Base describes, “After completion, many people visited, picked up books, read, talked, came up with ideas, and many creative [undertakings] became more [dynamic]. Everyone goes around, goes inside, [and] tickles their curiosity to the fullest…”

Primarily functioning as a standalone library, the internal volume is left open for people to enter and explore the bookshelves. 

Curiosity-Go-Round is designed to flow freely between the floor and ceiling. 

Integrated desks jut from the central volume to provide table space for working.