This tiny IoT ball may be the connected, punching workout you need

One of the constant challenges for me personally is to find a workout that I will not get bored with, that will help me shed pounds, and that will not be so difficult. I know that probably said workout that meets all those factors still doesn’t exist but when the day comes when that will happen will probably be the happiest day of my life (and my doctor too). For now, I’m always on the lookout for products or at least concepts that may appeal to this couch potato who’s desperately in need of a workout.

Designers: Katerina Kopytina, Nikita Bukoros

One such product concept that is pretty interesting is Bownce, a small ball that can get your perspiring and training your muscle groups with the help of technology. It calls itself “the first IoT ball of its kind”. It is small enough and easy to install that you can bring it with you to the office, outside in your backyard, or wherever room/space in your house you feel most comfortable. It’s also small enough that it’s not that intimidating, especially for newbies like me that want to start punching things.

What makes it different from other workout balls, aside from its size, is that it has integrated electric components so you’ll be able to track your performance. The app that you connect to the device logs your punches when you work out and gives you real-time statistics so you can adjust how you punch, how fast you do it, the force, duration, etc. The device is attached to the ceiling and the floor, with a small ball on a string and it is connected to the app.

Think of it as a punching bag that’s not a bag but a small ball. The floor fixture is able to let the ball move freely and bounce back (hence, the name) after hitting. I don’t know about the force needed to hit the ball but it seems that you need some to be able to consider this a workout anyway. The fact that it looks simple and not overwhelming like your usual punching stuff is what appeals to me. The fact that it’s IoT also is a bonus. Now whether I won’t get bored with it is the main question.