This air purifier hangs from your ceiling to give light and a sense of calm

Thanks to the recent pandemic, air purifiers have become more popular and more common inside homes. Most of these come in tall boxes or cylinders that stand somewhere on the floor, a design that makes it easy to move it around where it’s needed. As they become a more common presence, however, it might make sense to start integrating them into room interiors or, at the very least, make them look like a natural part of the room’s design. There are, admittedly, quite a few new air purifiers that look a little more presentable than others, but this design concept really makes the air purifier an important part of the home, just like how lights are critical to a livable abode.

Designers: Hanyoung Lee, Eunji Ko

The standard design of air purifiers is based more on practical needs and technical considerations than anything else. But while they try to offer peace of mind regarding the air we breathe indoors, their presence also causes a bit of subconscious stress because they are conspicuous reminders that the air might not be that clean or safe after all. There are now a few air purifiers with more stylish appearances, but they still stand apart from the rest of your interior design, calling attention to themselves.

Abell, in contrast, is a little more discreet. In fact, if not for the dangling controller, you might not even notice its presence since it isn’t at eye level. Even when you do see it, you might easily mistake it for an odd-looking pendant lamp. In reality, it actually does function as one, but that’s only a secondary function. It is, first and foremost, an air purifier, just one that comes in the shape of a hanging lamp as well as a bell, hence the name.

Hanging an air purifier where you’d normally hang a lamp is both genius and practical. These are areas that often get a lot of foot traffic, which makes an air purifier more necessary. Its elevated position also lets it take in and blow out the air more easily without any obstructions. More importantly, it also doesn’t get in the way of people going about their daily lives.

Abell’s form is designed to also evoke some sense of calm and relaxation, at least depending on where you’re coming from. As mentioned, it’s shaped like a bell but closer to the temple bells used in many Asian cultures. These bells are rung as a prayer and wish for something good, often for good health and prosperity. It’s not by coincidence that these are the exact same things that this air purifier is intended to bring into your home.